Frequently Asked Questions

He/she can look the entire register u/s 37 of the belonging district to identify the waqf number.
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Monday to Friday 9:30am to 6:00pm. You can contact on helpline no +918115457896
The duration of Mutawalli/Management Committee depends upon Waqf Deed or order passed by the Board.
1. If any waqf deed executed by waaqif the board will appoint Mutawalli as per deed. 2. If any waqf property has no waqf deed or instrument the selection will be done by election of the localized people and they will inform to the board about the election Mutawalli/Committee, the Board will appoint the elected committee/Mutawalli as per the procedure of Waqf act 1995
Please specify what procedure are you asking about.
You should inform to the board for any development the board will take necessary action as per the procedure of waqf act 1995.
You should complain to the board office about it.
Local authority has the power only for person dispute not for Waqf property. In case of any development in the waqf property the Mutawalli/Committee must take Permission from the Board and Local authority too.
Mutawalli/Committee has all the power for management of the Waqf as per scheme of the waqf management or by the Order of the Board. The duties of the Mutawalli/Committee are described in the section 50 waqf act 1995.
No, Waqf Charitable properties cannot be converted into a trust.
He/She may complain to board and a copy of the same send to local authority.
Ministry of minority affairs Central Govt. has made a rule for the Waqf Board lease/Rent in the year of 2014 which is known As Waqf property lease rule 2014 as amended in 2020 1. According to area circle rate 2. As per Waqf property lease rule 2014
The waqf act 1995 (amended as 2013) provided a section for the eviction of encroachment on waqf property; A person belonging to this waqf can file a complaint u/s-54 of the waqf ect before C.E.O of waqf board the person can also file a Complaint as per U.P.P(Eviction of un authorized Occupants) Act 1972 (amended as 2014) before the board.
A person can complain in the board office, the necessary action well be taken U/S 54 for the same. Another complains may Be filed before the D.M, for the removal of the illegal ‘pashushala’.
Appointed Mutawalli/Committee has all the power for the managing of waqf property he/she will orally ask the tenants to Raise the rent if they deny, send a notice to tenants for the enhancement of the rent.
No, waqf property cannot be sold or Purchased; You should report to office of the Board. The action may be taken as per The provision of waqf Act 1995.
No, Once a waqf always a Waqf.